The Developing Ears: CD Version
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The Developing Ears is an exciting way to improve the hearing skills and pitch perception of anyone who wants to improve his or her ear for music: at any age. Pleasing melodic arrangements based on musical ladders teach pitch relationships found in a variety of scales. Focus is also placed on note intervals, chord structure, and rhythm.

Research has shown that when a person increases his or her musical skills through training and practice, that person can also gain aptitude in other areas such as language, math, and other skills called on throughout life. Music and the brain are friends, and have been for a very long time. The Developing Ears helps build that friendship.

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This Package Contains 12 audio exercises on 2 separate CDs:

  • The Developing Ears-01-Scales
  • The Developing Ears-02-Intro to Intervals
  • The Developing Ears-03-Major Scale Patterns
  • The Developing Ears-04-Minor Scale Patterns
  • The Developing Ears-05-Harmonic Minor Patterns
  • The Developing Ears-06-Chromatic Scale Patterns
  • The Developing Ears-07-Compound Meter
  • The Developing Ears-08-Simple Meter
  • The Developing Ears-09-Polyrhythm
  • The Developing Ears-10-The Twelve Intervals
  • The Developing Ears-11-Chords
  • The Developing Ears-12-88 Keys Times 4