The Basics

Musical skills improve with consistent practice. Practice makes perfect. The Developing Ears provides a means to train the ear through a calm, gentle set of twelve musical pieces that create a peaceful, soothing path for learning. Simple but focused melodies based on ladder like arrangements bring to the ear a simple journey to help in learning to hear music. This stress-free method uses a pleasant approach to teach in a way that is even ear friendly to babies. The key to success found in The Developing Ears is its ability to provide easy to learn pitch and rhythm patterns. These types of patterns are used to make music. Sometimes simpler is truly better. By keeping things simple The Developing Ears keeps it easy to improve the ear for music. Soft but effective ear training is then delivered with each arrangement.

The Developing Ears is designed to nurture a greater ability for enjoying music. Hearing is a skill that can be improved.

This includes gently nurturing very young children toward that goal. Music fills its own space. Music builds this space with pitch arrangement, changes in volume, differences in timbre, and rhythm. The brain can hear these effects in music in a very similar way to how it perceives language. With enough practice the brain can learn to fully capture these details found in music. Neuroplasticity comes into play when enough time has been given to this effort. Instead of simply presenting another set of children’s songs, The Developing Ears delivers easy to listen to musical structures that target specific goals for training the ear to understand the principles of music. This makes The Developing Ears very suitable for children and adults. The child does not first learn to read. The child first learns to hear and recognize words.

The stronger a foundation is for any skill, the more that skill can be enjoyed for life.

The one hour and forty-five minutes of ear training found in The Developing Ears will help teach the ear to learn. The Developing Ears’ pitch and rhythm patterns will improve listening skills, and improve focus. Whatever type of music you enjoy it is made from patterns of pitch and rhythm. Finding time to stay put and focus on developing skills to hear music can be a great challenge. Learning the pieces found in The Developing Ears will set a foundation for understanding the language of music. Increasing the ability to hear will improve the brain’s skill to bring in information through the ear. What we hear we can absorb. With The Developing Ears, what we absorb can help us hear.