Harry Spurrier, The Conductor®

Harry Spurrier understands the need for tools that can help educate our children. He and his wife Kathy successfully home schooled their three daughters, Robin, Hayley, and Tria, preparing them for their own college educations. Harry is a music composition graduate from the University of Northern Colorado. After working in the electronics field for 20+ years, Harry had the opportunity to go back to school to pursue his musical interests. He developed the ear training he applied within The Developing Ears while working for his music composition degree.

Harry graduated from the University of Northern Colorado Summa Cum Laude. During his education Harry composed a number of listening exercises to help himself train for the requirements he was facing in school. He then realized the same type of ear training could be made into peaceful, gentle background music designed to help people sharpen their hearing skills. With the goal of helping nurture a better ear for music these pieces are written in a manner that also makes them enjoyable as soothing background ambient music. It is never to early or late to improve the ear.

Harry credits much of his ability to succeed in school to the ear training exercises he developed

A Personal Thought From Harry

Some people are gifted, and demonstrate an ability to excel above what others might accomplish. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is well recognized as an extremely gifted composer. Wolfgang Mozart’s father Johann Georg Leopold Mozart was in his own right very successful in a musical career. One of the advantages Wolfgang Mozart had was that his father recognized his potential, giving him the opportunity to learn at a very young age. Johann Mozart opened the door to his son’s future.

In a world where things can happen so fast, The Developing Ears is a gift that, over time, helps open doors to a better future.